Hemisphere Weed Dispensary South Ajax

955 Westney Rd S, Ajax, ON L1S 3K7
Phone: (289) 660-8100
Sunday–Wednesday: 10 AM–9 PM
Thursday–Saturday: 10 AM–10 PM


Visit Hemisphere Weed Dispensary South Ajax

If you’re looking for quality weed products in the area, you’ll find Hemisphere Weed Dispensary South Ajax, located at 955 Westney Rd S, Ajax, ON L1S 3K7 in the great town of Ajax, has what you need.

Sitting at the intersection of Harwood Ave S and Westney Rd S, this South Ajax dispensary provides cannabis products to surrounding neighbourhoods like Southwood, Clover Ridge, Pickering Beach, Duffins Bay, and beyond. It’s just down the street from the Ajax Waterfront Park and easily accessible from the Macdonald Cartier Fwy.


South Ajax Weed

Just like our other dispensaries, we offer a wide range of cannabis products that you know and love, and some you haven’t tried yet. From flower to infused pre-rolls to gummies and other edibles to beverages, oils and concentrates, topicals and sprays, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Our flower is grown and cultivated in eight Canadian provinces, so you’re supporting local growers with your purchases. We have vape pens, cartridges, and other accessories to choose from.

Check out our happy hour specials specifically for Hemisphere members. You can also look over and order from our cannabis menu.


The Hemisphere Dispensary Guidebook Difference

What sets Hemisphere Weed Dispensaries apart is that it is our mission to guide you to the right product for the right mood and sensation. That’s where our Guidebook comes in handy.

We truly believe the cannabis shopping experience North Star is knowing what direction you want to go. By that we mean if you know what effect you want your cannabis to have on you, depending on an ailment, your mood, an activity, wanting to get into the creative mindset, relaxation, sleep, whatever it is, the better our budtenders can help you find the right product that can get you there.

Here are the four directions to start you off:

- Ground yourself going up North: Low psychoactive & non-psychoactive
- Sun rises in the East: Sativa-leaning products
- Get turned up in the South: High THC products
- Life is peaceful in the West: Indica-leaning products

Learn more about us at Hemisphere.


Talented Budtenders

We are fortunate to have passionate budtenders and staff who love the many aspects of cannabis and enjoy sharing this with our customers.

Reagan Johnston left this Google review after visiting our Hemisphere cannabis store here in South Ajax:

“When they say “it’s the people who make a successful business,” do the words ring true with Hemisphere. The staff there are so personable and just understand what you are looking for and clearly smoke what they sell. It’s a breath of fresh air to talk to someone who is a connoisseur about Cannabis. If you want expertise and a friendly non pushy environment to do so. Legit I enjoy smoking weed more because of the recommendations these folks made! GO here you won’t regret!- Reagan Johnston

Chris and Jenn also had some great things to say about our staff:

“Had the pleasure of walking into this store and what a life changing moment! The team there was very attentive but let me do my own thing which I loved and I can’t stop telling my friends about Hemisphere in Ajax! It definitely made my trip to the T Dot that much better! Best weekend thanks to this store!” - Chris Ryan

“To say that the staff at Hemisphere Ajax are Fantastic, would be an understatement! They are so incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They always make great suggestions and I have never been disappointed. The atmosphere is so warm and inviting. It’s so chill here where I’ve found other places to be kind of intimidating. Highly recommend you check them out!!” - Jenn Hickman

Thanks to all of our customers who leave us reviews on Google, whether just to tell us feedback on what we do well and what we can improve on!

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What Real Customers Say About Hemisphere Dispensary in South Ajax

Hemisphere is fantastic! The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and made my visit a particularly enjoyable one. The store is warm and inviting, and they have an amazing variety of products including drinks, edibles and pre-rolls too. After visiting Hemisphere, I definitely won’t be shopping at any other Cannabis stores, because these folks have made a dedicated customer out of me!” - Warren Piat

“Such a nice store to buy from! Most of the time when I go in I just give the people working there parameters and let them pick for me, they really know their stuff! Also when there is a wait, you can use the touch screen and fill out a quiz and the computer recommends products it thinks you’ll like! So nice I can come in for a chat when I want, but if I’m not feeling like talking to anyone I can use their convenient ordering system. Thanks for always being so friendly guys! :D” - Sam S

“Best place for all your cannabis needs! Everyone at Hemisphere is so kind and knowledgeable and they always make you feel comfortable.” - Tay

“Such an unreal experience when I went into here for the first time. Staff were super friendly and are incredibly knowledgeable!! I would highly recommend!!” - T D

“The staff are super nice and helpful, inside is so clean and new, they have a great selection, and cool merch. Definitely the place to go in south Ajax for your cannabis needs.” - Tim M

“Pleasant, friendly service everytime I go here. The staff are very helpful in giving recommendations and answering questions. Awesome local store to support!” - Shan H

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Hemisphere Weed Dispensary South Ajax

955 Westney Rd S, Ajax
Ontario, L1S 3K7

Sunday - Wednesday | 10 am - 9pm
Thursday - Saturday | 10am - 10pm

(289) 660-8100